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Guest Review – Rosemary

“The life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have.” Anna Quindlen 🌷

2019 02-11 rosemaryThe right space can mean the difference between being productive and well…not. 🌷

If your office is loud and your home is busy, you could escape to an Airbnb. Before you book, consider your needs and match them to the listing. 🌷

Would you like a desk in a room with good task light and sunny natural lighting, a beautiful bedroom or two, a sofa and coffee station in your own living space, a TV to escape your laptop periodically, a safe neighborhood to take a walk and clear your head, and a comfortable bed for sleep at the end of a full day? We’ve got the perfect place for you! 🌷

Increase your productivity in a private suite with no roommates and no distractions. 🌷

Enjoy a sweet retreat in Holland and tour Michigan like a local. Book your stay today at

🌷 📷 credit to PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay

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