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Academics & Authors & Artists, Oh My!

20181230_151518It was time to update the Suite’s family room.

A cheery white entertainment cabinet waited eagerly to replace the wooden brown office desk originally in the room.

It made us wonder.

Do our guests actually want a desk in the Suite? Had our mostly leisure travelers required the use of such a business-like item?

Then the guest book caught my eye. Our guests have left lovely notes written between its covers. Where did they sit while writing in the book? Or jotting notes for themselves? Or stamping postcards to send home?

Hmm. Yes, a desk would definitely be enjoyed in the Suite.

But if not in the Suite’s family room, then where? The west guest room is the largest bedroom, so it would make sense to put a desk there. With large sliding doors and a south-facing window, this bright and sunny bedroom would be a lovely place to jot notes or check messages.

Our heavy brown office desk would be out of place in this light and airy room, so the search was on. We were thrilled to find a one-of-a-kind piece created by a local craftsperson and scooped it up immediately.

The very day we welcomed this beautiful piece into our home, an author booked the Suite for a work retreat away from home. The next day an artist booked the Suite. Followed by a foursome of teachers.

Did this magical desk inspire them during their stays? Time will tell!

Do you use a desk when you travel? Let us know in the comments below!



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