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Tulip Time Countdown 1948

tulip time dutch dancers, holland, michigan photo postcard c. 19352019 marks the 90th celebration of Tulip Time in Holland Michigan.

We’re new2holland so this is the first Tulip Time we’ll see in person. Our excitement builds everyday!

In 2004 Reader’s Digest rated the festival as the best small town festival in the USA.

In 2016, the event was ranked the #1 Flower Festival by USA Today.

But Tulip Time has been making the list of top festivals for a long time.

“A full picture layout in a Miami [Florida] newspaper Jan. 6 gave prominent space to a four-column photo of Klompen dancers, one the the highlights of the local fete.

Other leading American festivals pictorially represented were the Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Tournament of Roses in Pasadena, Winter Carnival at Dartmouth college, Frontier Days at Cheyenne, Wyo., Mummer’s parade in Philadelphia, Gasparilla Carnival at Tampa, Fla., and Apple Blossom festival at Winchester, Va.”

How did this exciting news from Miami Florida reach Holland Michigan in 1948?

“The newspaper sheet was sent to the local Chamber of Commerce by Chester Van Tongeren who is vacationing in Florida.”

Source: The Holland Evening Sentinel, Saturday January 10, 1948 page 5.

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