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Review of The Biscuit in Holland Michigan

20181223_085555_LILocated in Washington Square on Holland’s south side, The Biscuit is an eclectic family-friendly spot for breakfast and lunch.

Their website describes it best, “Down-home eatery dispensing inventive breakfast & lunch fare & locally roasted coffee drinks.”

20181223_085012We arrived early on a Sunday morning and were greeted with smiles and “Good Morning” from the staff near the door. We were seated in the smaller front room near a large window painted with a colorful scene from The Grinch*.

The floor in this room is old; wooden, creaky, and full of character. The walls are vertically hung shiplap painted yellow, blue and brick-red giving the space a cozy friendly feel.

Local art hangs on the walls and is available for purchase. Square wood tables and 16 wooden chairs fill the space comfortably. A larger carpeted room beyond can accommodate more diners.

Our server Aniela was friendly and knowledgeable about the menu and the restaurant. My husband’s eyes lit up when she told us the specials.

He ordered the Scramble and I ordered the Salmon Biscuit. Within minutes, Aniela brought us two cups of hot coffee and glasses of cold water.

20181223_082346The Scramble is three eggs scrambled with Dubliner cheese and topped with a smoked chicken sundried tomato sausage and scallions. It is served with potatoes and toast or a biscuit.

The Salmon Biscuit is a fresh baked biscuit topped with smoked salmon, roasted tomatoes and two eggs, capers and house-made fines herbes Hollandaise sauce.

My husband, who has made sausage for years, was impressed with the flavor of the smoked chicken sundried tomato sausage. He very much enjoyed the homemade jam Aniela brought for his toast.

20181223_082309As for the Salmon Biscuit, I cleaned my plate in an embarrassingly short amount of time. The sweetness of the biscuit combined with flaky salmon, perfectly cooked over-easy eggs and salty capers was one thing, topping all that goodness with a special Hollandaise sauce was a marriage made in heaven.

It’s no wonder this brick building is often circled by people waiting for a seat at one of the wooden tables inside. The ambiance, the service, and the food speak for themselves.

*All the storefronts in Washington Square were decorated with scenes from the Grinch. It made wandering around the Square after breakfast very enjoyable.

The Biscuit
450 Washington Avenue, Holland MI 49423
(616) 396-1005

We rate eateries in a three-step process.

First, we use a percentage scale:
• 10% atmosphere/ambiance (cleanliness, comfort, accommodations)
• 20% service (communication, efficiency, knowledge)
• 70% food (includes presentation, look, taste, price and value for $, bar selections)

Second, we employ the Michelin Guide:
• * a very good restaurant in its category
• ** excellent cooking, worth a detour
• *** exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey

Third, we ask ourselves two questions:
1. Would we return here?
2. Would we recommend this restaurant to our guests?

Our rating for The Biscuit:

Score: 100% of a possible 100% and three stars.

Would we return here? yes, as often as we can
Would we recommend this restaurant to our guests? we highly recommend it

We loved the friendly atmosphere of The Biscuit. It is worth a wait to be seated when they are busy (go early!) because of the staff, the menu and the ambiance. The Biscuit has all the ingredients of a great place to frequent and to share with family and friends. We look forward to our next visit!

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