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Send Yourself a Postcard

Travel is made up of many individual moments. It could be a breathtaking sunset or a chance encounter with an interesting local or a meal that is out of this world.

At the end of a trip, those individual moments can be lost among the many memories that make up a grand vacation.

I love taking pictures, collecting souvenirs and receiving postcards.  This trifecta combines for me the perfect way to remember favorite moments from every trip.

On the first day of each trip, we stop at a touristy spot or the local visitors bureau and buy postcards for the area. Each evening I jot down the best moments of the day on one of the postcards. The following morning I pop it in the mail.

Homecoming is even more fun when it’s followed by days of postcard deliveries reminding us of this or that part of each day of our travels. Combined with photos we took along the way, they tell the stories of our trips.

Postcards take up very little space when traveling and very little space to archive. Collecting them has become a favorite tradition, because of the pictures on the front and especially because of the messages on the back.

As Airbnb hosts, we provide each of our guests a postage-paid postcard to remember their stay with us and their visit to Holland Michigan.

Maybe this will be the start of a favorite tradition for them as well!

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